A call to be better Parents to our children

Beloved brothers and sisters we have to be more patient and self controlled as Parents.

Children are a precious gift from YHWH the most high God.

Do you want to stand before the great white throne of judgement explaining to YHWH that
you hurt your precious child in anger?

Think about it. “Well Almighty God, it was around the 100th time they were humming baby shark that I just lost
it and swung my hand back there and slapped around some legs. It was on them! I told them to stop!”.

Brothers and sisters are we taking into account how much your child really understands about reasoning or cause/consiquence?

I watched a family hit a very young child for “defiance”. I can tell you that child had no concept
of what was being relayed to it. He had no understanding. “Well he’ll understand eventually”.

What a pathetic and dismissive response. THE CHILD WASNT AT AN AGE WHERE IT UNDERSTOOD THE REASONING.

Do you think that excuse is going to work before the heavenly Father when in his holy word it says
that anyone who creates a stumblingblock for a child it is better for a millstone to be attached to their neck
and tossed into the sea. If he meant that for spiritual children, how much more the penalty for the physical children he entrusted us with?

What about standing before YHWH and explain to him that the precious gift he gave you doesn’t want to
open a bible because you turned him/her off by how you were trying to train religion into your child?

How about explaining to YHWH that you never allowed your child to say “no” to you and now your
child as an adult didn’t know how to say “no” to drugs, or “no” to their spouse, or “no” to their boss.

Now you might say - Brother how do you train a child in the way they should go?

Train them in virtue. You do not want to raise them in what you think is right, you have to train
them in what is right.

Connection and communication for children especially young children is in playtime.

When you’re playing with them the objective for the child is to continue having “fun” and “play”
this is natural for the child because this is the natural path for learning.

Children learn through playing. Facilitate playing and you’ll mature the child, and grow the child.

But here’s the part where a Parent has to “lay down their life” so to speak for their child.

Life = Time + Energy.

This means you have to give up time + energy for your children. You have to play right along side them.
You have to ensure that inevitably when a bad attitude shows up, or a poor response to a situation shows up, or perhaps your child hurt another child.

That you take your child aside and help them understand the virtue that they broke.

This is how you will raise virtuous children that will display fruits of the spirit.

So that when your child comes of spiritual age, where they enter into a covenant of their own with Yeshua. They will recieve the indwelling of the holy spirit
as a clean living temple, with righteous character.