Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's cancer cure through antineoplastons?

This is just an arbitrary comment that I found wanted to share.

I had a brain tumor (medullablastoma) when I was 5. More than a 75% chance of not making it. I did radiation along with 3 different kinds of chemotherapy. My mom ended up taking me off of both as my quality of life was massively deteriorating, as she found a different form of treatment called antineoplastons. It’s a form of peptide developed by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. This was in about 1996 if I remember correctly. It wasn’t approved by the FDA at the time and they were constantly raiding his lab. In order for me to get approved I had to go to the Supreme Court with other cancer patients. I have a 2 inch thick book filled with letters from President Bush at the time, Reagan, and countless others. 5 years ago I read the FDA finally slacked off but the only way you could be approved is if you were terminal/stage 4. I had to learn to be left handed as the chemo and radiation destroyed my right side. It’s now unnoticeable but I have hearing issues, local of balance and coordination on my right side. If I continued my recommended treatment, I’d continued treatment id probably be deft and paralyzed. His philosophy is to give the body the nutrients it needs to fight the cancerous cells on its own, versus to pour chemicals and destroy everything. He has multiple documentaries online, one called the Cancer Coverup and many more, one that was on Netflix a long time ago even. He’s located in Houston, Texas.

I also found this documentary: