How Do You Prepare For Pesach/Passover?

As a believer in Messiah Passover has been an interest to me because I would like to understand it’s full significance. I started trying to understand that we both need the NT & the OT about 11 years ago. A big part of that is understanding the feast days and the importance of each. When we first change over to this walk of adhering to both the OT & NT I found a lot of people giving the wrong advice on what to follow. So at first we made some missteps, I’d like think I have resolved them now. I am trying to build fellowship on GAB but it is very difficult, some people are not seeking Yeshua for the right reasons, instead they seem to want to tout their knowledge. I learned “knowledge” falls short of the “spirit” so now I search out the “spirit” in everything. Are there members here who would like to fellowship on the Feast Days? Because, if so, Passover is quickly coming and I would truly like to understand it’s fullness this year.
So I am just going to start at the beginning with Hametz and clearing it from your household. What does this mean to you? How do fully address the hametz in your own life and household?

With the world so full of sin against families, children etc. seems like we do need to understand the importance of recognizing sins. When it comes from outside forces trying to invade your family it seems that we need a more refined understanding in order to stand against.

What are your thoughts?


@overcomeraz Well said!

I agree, ultimately I spent 10-15 years studying torah, studying hebrew, studying this studying that, but what really has grown my life is the past year praying to YHWH that he covers my family and protects us, but also that he helps me and my family grow and overcome sin, transgression and iniquity in our lives.

This was transformative for me very exciting and I’ve seen his hand move in such a powerful way, even in this community we have here on this site is just so exciting. I’m so happy to be here with you all. :smiley:

As far as Passover is concerned - Yes this is how we serve the Leaven in our lives is something that at times we cannot see, or even question because it’s been a part of us for so long, or a habit of ours for so long.

Human beings are creatures of habit, and because of this a lot of our sin/leaven in our lives is habitual or even reflexive, and we’re blind to it. I can’t tell you how many times my wife and I would scour the kitchen to ensure the leaven was tossed out, only for me to forget it was the week of unleavened bread and show up with a surprise pizza that we realize “oh yeah! what are we doing?! NOOOOOOO”.

The other thing to keep in mind is that if you’ve lived a life without engaging YHWH through prayer, then where is your confidence? Well it’s only natural that you place your confidence in your own self.
Life without constant prayer is just exercising and growing our own fleshly nature.

For me initially it was like “baby what are you doing with all that leavening!? THROWING IT AWAY?! Can’t we just stick it in the trunk of the car?”, and for me it was just amazing my coping mechanisms for trying to get around YHWHs word to get it out of the house and property.

Every year keeping that mindset in perspective we aim to do better and better. Lately we’ve been removing TV shows, and dealing with bad habits.

We’re looking for the balance in our lives, and working towards that goal.

As far as Passover - If YHWH blesses this community, and adds to us even a few more passionate families. I dream of helping serve a large Passover! Soon my friend. I have no doubt our faithful brothers and sisters who have been searching for fellowship and “stuck their neck out” to host assemblies will join us here. So far our tech team has emailed out 18,000/27,000 invites/emails to brothers and sisters around the world.

We must continue to pray that this fellowship on this site, is YHWH’s will, and that he continues to unite and heal his people IN THE NAME OF YESHUA. :slight_smile:


I agree we should be well grounded in prayer. Yeshua cannot move in our lives unless we are in a relationship with Him. People in general praying for “things” but we should pray for forgiveness when needed and also for a closer relationship with the Father.

I have learned over time that leaven is an outward symbol of taking care of what is brewing inside. The Father WANTS to have a close relationship with us but sin creates a barrier to ONENESS. Therefore even having hidden sins is devastating to that relationship. Now before I enter into Passover I mind the sin in ME and in MY ENVIRONMENT! There is always room for improvement. Through the Ruach we are guided to recognize the areas in which we harbor sin. If we covet the sin, then we reject the sinless one. So, although Passover is the "yearly marker’ we should do this as often as it is needed. We determined that the Hebrew understanding of leaven is that it is active and multiplying. We do make sure to dump bread products and things containing yeast. It’s interesting to see all the hidden yeast- I read labels!

18,000/27,000? That seems like a lot!
I used to host Passovers with 30 people and even at that, workloads were out of balance. I really enjoy Passover because we are focused on being released from our bondage. Yeshua is He who releases me and I find wonderful gems of wisdom when I understand the OT & NT and view each in regards to Yeshua. Without Yeshua neither are possible.

Thank you for being one who seeks true fellowship because Messiah is longing for all His people to gather in His Name!