How to prevent wasps from building nests on your house

This suggestion came from Facebook

To keep wasps from building unwanted nests (under patio furniture, inside storage sheds, under raised garden beds, etc) fill a brown bag with paper or plastic bags or just some filler and crumple to the size of a baseball or so. Use a thumbtack to stick the bag to a corner under the furniture (where a nest might normally be built). This mimics a rival nest so the wasps won’t build one. I swear it works. I’ve been having the same brown bags under my patio furniture for years and haven’t had a single nest built…same in my little outdoor storage closet and pool storage.

Another helpful tip is suggested:
"in case you get stung by a yellow jacket, place a Copper Penny over it (make sure no stinger is left in skin). The copper stops the stinging sensation in seconds! "