[MegaThread] - The Upcoming Great American Eclipse

In all things - prayer and fasting, and the understanding that our Father in heaven will always provide for his children. Knowing that we do not have to be concerned about where our next meal is coming from.

That said I also want to be in the Father’s will, and I believe that he will give us a land of Goshen a place of sanctuary from the city, from the corruption, from his judgement

I had the thought today, and it just came to me not that it was inspired by God or anything, but it came to me and it stuck, that the crossing of the eclipse taking place at the Salem plateau might be identifying the land of Goshen for the believers to congregate. I offer virtually no proof, but our brother Eddie Chumney talks about this in one of his recent videos if I can find it.

Here’s an interesting website I found that brings a general outline to the discussion, maps, resources etc…:

Great American Eclipse.

So did you find the video ? And if I understand what is being implied we should move to the area that the eclipses pass?