Official Redeemed House Prayer List

Official Prayer List

If you are interested in meeting for prayer please let me know if 8:30 EST works for you down below in the thread. When we have a couple interested parties I will post a Jitsi link every night for prayer together over audio and video :slight_smile:

  • YHWH’s covering for this community to continue revealing to us his prophetic word.

  • YHWH cover our children and protect our families from tragety.

  • YHWH to send measures of his Ruach to us so that we may grow, because we know in his holy word that he is not a respecter of persons, and it is written that he gives each a measure of spirit.

  • YHWH to send the spirit of freedom to our brothers and sisters under tyrannical regimes.

Please respond below, and we will add your request to the list.