The Golden Calf and False Religion


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One of the first advents of religion and how its truly spiritually dead, and abhorrent nature to the Elohim/God of the Hebrews is in the instance of the golden calf.

We all know how the story goes Moses tarried on Mt. Sinai for 40 days and they didn’t know what became of him. Instead of trusting and waiting for Moses to return; Instead of waiting on God.

They went and erected a golden calf and performed mixed worship.

What was YHWH’s feelings on the matter?

He was outraged, he was angry, and he wanted to completely eradicate his own children for this false worship.

Before anyone can say different let’s check the references:

Aaron built an altar before the golden calf and proclaimed: “Tomorrow shall be a feast to Yahweh.” - Exodus 32

Sure enough, they went and created the golden calf and this whole religious system that at the very core it’s intent was to worship the God of the Hebrews: Yahweh.

Put yourself in their shoes - Moses took a long time on the mountain, they don’t know if Moses was killed. They were very scared of Yahweh because of first impressions (he had a booming voice etc…)

So we see that a well intentioned system of worship for Yahweh was completely rejected by Yahweh what’s worse is he considered it a grievous sin. So grievous it required the very lives of the parishioners.

Moses when he comes down from the mountain we find that he burns the golden calf down takes the ashes and mixes it in with the water this is in accordance with the law of the Father and equates the golden calf instance to that of Adultery. Because in the law of the Father an adulterous woman is made to drink bitter water, and Moses made the children of Israel to drink bitter water.

Let’s also consider the “Pastoral leadership” in this example. Aaron - A priest, he has concern doesn’t know were his brother got to, and the people are pressuring him, they’re pleading, they’re afraid, they want to quickly reconcile their relationship with Yahweh. They want to appease Yahweh the same way the Egyptians appease their gods.

Aaron caves in - then later they’re killed. He had to live his entire life with their blood on his hands and mind. There’s no happy ending for Aaron. Although he was clearly forgiven, and reconciled. It’s not without consequences. His momentarily lapse in leadership and allowing modern theology (at that time) to influence him was devastating.

Now this Golden Calf/Mixed worship situation continued to be a perpetual pattern for his people.

Another instance we find of Golden Calf worship is when

The evil king Jeroboam, the first king of the northern kingdom, feared that his subjects would go to Jerusalem in Judah to worship at the temple, thus potentially leading them to remain loyal to the house of David. To prevent this, he set up two golden calves in Bethel and Dan, proclaiming them as the gods who brought Israel out of Egypt. This led to widespread idolatry among the people of Israel. (1 Kings 12:25-33.)

Now we don’t know the exact theology that he was hitting them with, but it was for sure widely accepted theology, and I’m sure as a king he exercised as much scholarly backing as he could.

What’s interesting is that specifically the northern kingdom of Israel which is were the Levitical Priesthood had their lands, fell prey to mixed worship yet again.

Brothers and sisters - His believers will worship him in spirit and in truth.

We have to move away from ALL mixed worship. This doesn’t just mean the traditions of Christianity, but also the traditions of Judaism.

These patterns of mixed worship are consistent patterns that his children consistently fall for.

So many things can be the golden calf to us these days:

  • Messianic/Hebrew roots religion.

  • Christianity

  • Theology

  • Judaism

  • Politics

  • Academia

  • Pride of life

And to that I want to note:

I think about this verse and it explains Ephraim (US-Northern tribes) jealousy of Judah will cease.

Ephraim’s envy/Jealousy will cease; Judah’s harassment will end. Ephraim will no longer be envious of Judah, and Judah will not harass Ephraim. - Isaiah 11:13

I ask myself what is it that we as Hebrew Roots or Messianic’s specific jealousy concerning Judah, and I didn’t have to think long.

The star of David is plastered everywhere, everyone’s got a tallit, tefillin etc… all these traditions that we cannot find in scripture, that are not supported.

We are still jealous of Judaism’s golden calf, as well as the golden calf of so many other traditions.

The golden calf may not be a literal golden idol, but it was built to impress. It was made of gold so it was meant to look pure.

I think you get the point Stay meek Hebrews

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