The purpose of creation in the word B'reishit - "In the Beginning"

We’re going to examine the very first word in the bible “In the Beginning”.

In a Torah scroll you will find that the first letter in the bible the hebrew word “Bet” is enlarged (remember we read Hebrew right to left).

The explanation from the rabbis is that YHWH wanted a dwelling place in the earth.

The enlarged BET signifies - YHWH wanted a house or YHWH wanted to build a house

The “BET” + “RESH” means “Son”

If we take the first two letters, and the last two letters we get the Hebrew word “B’rit” which means “Covenant”.

If we drop the enlarged “Bet” we get the Hebrew word Reishit.

The Rabbis in the Midrash Rabbah 1:4 state:

Putting it all together we get:

The God of Israel wanted to build a house for his son, by making a covenant for the sake of the beginning

Source material 11:16: