The Shema is referring to the covenant between Yeshua and his Father!

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Shabbat shalom blessed children of our heavenly Father - we continue to labor to know him and we continue the labor of sharing what we know.


This will absolutely strain the boundaries of what we think we know, and I while I attract a good amount of hate on this platform. I will continue to supply information for your consideration as many friends and spiritual family have invested in me by their love I invest in you.


In the Shema where it says “Hear O Israel, YHWH our Elohim Is ONE:”

I want you to consider three points:

  1. YHWH comes from Strongs 1933b - Havah - which is the root origin word which means “To Become”.

  2. the word Elohim is a plural word - definition of plural means “more than one of something”.

  3. the word “One” in the shema from Strongs - 259 - “Echad” meaning (see attached screenshot) “union/made alike/one to another/one will to another”

Echad any way you cut it means the union of two halves (like animal halves?)


Conclusion -

The Shema that is happily recited by our brothers and sisters all around the world by absolute no stretch of the linguistic/grammatic framework in the Hebrew signifies that YHWH is only one entity, but instead is celebrating the unison of the Father, and the son. It is letting Israel know that there is a plurality in their union.

HEAR O’ISRAEL YHWH YOUR ELOHIM (remember Elohim by definition is plural meaning more than one" ARE ONE (Echad):

Where did this Echad or union between Father and Son occur you might ask?

Well it came to more of a fulfillment between Yahu’shua/Yeshua/Jesus the son of God, and the Father in Genesis 15:17-25

And it came to pass, that, when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces.

The smoking furnace is a representation of the Heavenly Father, and the burning lamp is a representation of our Messiah Yahu’shua/Yeshua/Jesus

This signifies that Yahshua and Yahweh entered into blood covenant because Yahshua is the burning lamp, and Yahweh is the smokey furnace and the significance of walking through the animal halves identify that if Abraham and his children cannot keep covenant Yahshua will pay the penalty for breaking covenant on behalf of Abraham and his children because it’s on Abraham and his generations to keep covenant. But Yahshua knew Abrahams children would fail so he placed his life on the line as the penalty for sin.


Burning lamp = Yahu’shua/Yeshua/Jesus = 🔥

Any time you see a in consuming flame 🔥 in scripture it’s probably Yeshua -

  • it’s written that there was a Cherub AND the flaming sword 🔥 that turns each way that GUARDS the path to the tree of life. That was Yeshua.

  • it’s written that the column of flame 🔥 that Moses followed that helped guide Israel out of physical Egypt (soon to be written) that there is a column of flame 🔥 that will guide us out of spiritual Egypt.

  • it’s written that wicked of flame descended on the apostles during Pentecost/Shavout. 🔥

Smokey Furnace = 🩶

  • any time you see a smokey furnace like we do on Mt Sinai it’s the form of the heavenly Father.