True or False? Christian "can't help but sin" and are "bound to a life-long struggle" with sin and temptation

Hi everyone - here’s a link to my blog site you may find interesting (I just created it recently, so I only have 4 posts so far).

True or False: Christians “Can’t Help But Sin” and are Bound to a Life-Long Struggle with it. PART 1 (

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welcome beloved! Started reading through your first post, and I’m onboard with some of the sentiment, I’ve got to go handle some things right now, and I’m still trying to pin your beliefs down, but it almost seems like you’re in the same vein as some of us on this site, that we weren’t “redeemed to sin”.

I am surprised you haven’t gotten to Romans 2 yet, so I’m going to link you to this article I think could help!

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Never ran into that issue before I fixed it.