Wedding vow translated 10 commandments

:blue_heart: WEDDING VOW​:blue_heart:

For far too long the 10 commandments have been taught as a list of rules to live by-what a sad and incomplete picture. These are the wedding vows that The Bridegroom speaks over the bride that she might profess them back to her Bridegroom in sincerity of heart and love. When viewing them as wedding vows, the whole tone changes…

  1. I promise to commit all of my love and devotion to You alone, I will not bring another god into our union.

  2. I will love and adore You as the Master Creator and I

will not bow down to worship Your created beings.

  1. I will value Your Name as holy and powerful.

  2. I will keep Shabbat set apart to spend with You.

  3. I will honor the parents You chose for me-You do not make mistakes, by honoring them I honor You.

  4. I will not murder anyone, for they are created in Your image.

  5. I will not commit adultery to break a covenant vow I have formed with You.

  6. I will not take anything that you have given to another.

  7. I will not swear falsely against another who is created in Your image.

  8. I will not set my desire upon anything else but You :heart::pray::heart:

By viewing these commands as wedding vows, it elevates Adonai as your Most Beloved and Cherished One, and makes your neighbor as important as yourself. This is not a list to simply obey, this is a lifestyle of expression of love to our Creator and to our fellow man.

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This is excellent! Amen and halleluyah!!!

He is our amazing and awesome ELOHIM :heart:

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