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Greetings beloved brothers and sisters,
We are an assembly that have decided to mass invite every single fellowship/assembly on 119 ministries fellowship finder to provide a communications platform, and continue connecting the body outside the control of any entity except the nation of YHWH’s children.

If you choose to make it a point and participate in kindness I can only imagine the fruit that we will produce as brothers and sisters that will continue to bless and edify not just each other but our children, but our children’s children. As our services aim to keep these discussions, studies, opinions that we have on here accessable for the decades to come if it be YHWH’s will.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the wealth of the sinner is stored for the righteous. - Proverbs 13:12

We are backing up all the data daily so that even if we were taken off line (which would be difficult to do). We can restore all the posts exactly as we left off. The best posts will be handpicked and yearly published in physical copy and made available to anyone who desires it.

The core of our membership on this platform is those who were looking for fellowship or are running home fellowships. My assembly has been so inspired by you guys. I felt called to do something, and knowing that big tech and big data are monitoring Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I knew a communications platform had to be established.

Please do not leave if you read something that you disagree with. Be patient with our brothers and sisters, the body is trying to heal, and it can only heal if we allow our brothers and sisters to communicate without condemnation. Have no fear, YHWH is with us, and YHWH will judge us in accordance with his righteous law.

My team and I through the grace of the Most High God and his Son were able to establish the following communications/discussion platforms for the family of believers all over the world:

These communication platforms were created to be functionally independent (problem with one platform will not affect the other), censorship-free, cancel culture-free, data secure, identity protective and discussion promoting.


With our discussion platform - forum.redeemedhouse.com we employ an open source software known as discourse with SSL encryption, VPN friendly, and IP shedding protocols. In order to enable the body to have productive discussions that are immediately sharable across all internet and social media platforms, text, email, etc… in a way that has never been done before.

In our research we have discovered that social media platforms are specifically geared to agitate negative discussion resulting in unproductive discourse, this forum software was specifically engineered by their creators to help have civilized productive discussions and reach conclusions like never before!

You can read more about our forum’s features here: Discourse features | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

Within seconds you can post your thought/study, and have a link that is immediately sharable all over the web! (e.g. forum.redeemedhouse.com/your-study-here).

If your thread/post recieves a lot of attention by the body it’ll automatically be featured in our news aggregator: www.redeemedhouse.com. So a news article you share, or a study you’ve performed can immediately become “trending” on our news aggregator driving more believers to participate and give input.

FYI - Our cross site (facebook styled) chat is also very cool for meeting and discuss with brothers and sisters in real time!

Encrypted Chat

With the encrypted chat - matrix.redeemedhouse.com we enable users everywhere, but also in tyrannical/repressive regimes or censorship-rich environments to legally have discussions while protecting their digital identities. More on this in the coming months.

It will allow you to send pictures, text, and even video chat.

You can read more about our encrypted chat features at: https://matrix.org/

You can join the chat here: https://matrix.to/#/#redeemedhouse:redeemedhouse.com

News Aggregator

Currently Offline (soon) - our news aggregator was created to be a sort of “drudge-report” styled platform. Should a forum thread receive attention that is considered significant by the body of the Lamb. It’ll “trend” as a headline at www.redeemedhouse.com. Simultaneously any link to be considered significant will also be linked and promoted.

Invitation System

We have developed software that will allow us to invite believers from across the web. This software is not currently running, but should be in full swing towards the end of January 2023. Inviting massive quantities of believers from all over the world. It is our hope and prayer that we glorfy YHWH in our doings.


We do not accept donations in any sense. We run 100% free to use. As the most high gives to us we freely give.

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